Herald Square Hotel


Want to get to know the area better? These nearby attractions will give you a better feel for the people and culture of Manhattan while keeping you entertained and well-fed at the same time.

Pennsylvania Station

The busiest transport facility in the United States, Penn Station serves nearly one thousand people every 90 seconds. If you need to get somewhere in New York City, you can get there from Penn Station. It’s an excellent place to people-watch as everyone hurries from one place to another.


Korea Way

Known colloquially as Koreatown, Korea Way features all manner of Korean shops and stalls. It’s a good place to get fun trinkets and souvenirs, but if you’ve ever felt like belting some of your favorite songs after a few drinks, you’ve come to the right place. Numerous karaoke bars dot the area, and it’s a good time even if you’re tone-deaf.

The Morgan Library & Museum

Built as Pierpont Morgan’s private library in the early 20th century, The Morgan Library & Museum is home to hundreds of rare books, manuscripts, illuminated texts, and master drawings and prints. Aside from the masterpieces within it, the library itself is absolutely gorgeous – a crowning piece of America’s Age of Elegance.